KneippBadesalz Rücken Wohl 60 g


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Kneipp bath salt back well 60 g

Soothing, warming & relaxing for the back, neck & shoulders

Deep salt from the salt deposits of a 250 million year old primordial sea at a depth of 460 meters in the Saline Luisenhall Obtained from natural brine & protected from environmental influences

Vegan (no animal ingredients)

The Kneipp bath crystals Back Well with valuable devil’s claw extract and natural essential cajeput oil preserve the skin’s moisture.

In combination with the soothing effect of warm water, the essential oils unfold their natural fragrance effect.

The bathing experience warms the whole body and is particularly wonderful for the back, neck and shoulders.

Instructions for use

Add the bath crystals to the running bath water (36-38 °C) and dissolve them completely.

Optimal bathing time: 15-20 minutes. Sufficient for 1 full bath.


KneippBadesalz Rücken Wohl 60 g


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