Mixa Körpermilch 5% Urea Cica Repair 250 ml


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Mixa Body Milk 5% Urea Cica Repair 250 ml 

Product description 

  • For the care of extremely dry and chapped skin. 
  • Acts quickly and prevents skin irritation. Made from 5% urea and regenerating panthenol. 
  • To prevent redness, feelings of tightness and itching.
  • Is quickly absorbed without greasing
  • The Mixa Urea Cica Repair Body Milk is particularly suitable for very dry skin.


Due to its highly concentrated active ingredients, the body milk is highly compatible.

Urea nourishes dry skin intensively and protects against unpleasant feelings of tension.

Panthenol, on the other hand, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and the skin’s natural lipid film.

This protects it from external influences.

The non-greasy texture of the body milk is quickly absorbed.

The formula leaves the skin feeling soft and is easy to spread.

The body milk is perfect to soothe very dry skin.

Instructions for use

Apply Mixa Urea Cica Repair Body Milk in the morning or evening.

Distribute the milk for very dry skin in your hands and warm it up briefly.

Then cream the arms, legs, back and stomach.

For particularly sensitive or dry areas, apply a larger amount of the product.

Storage Instructions

Store cool and dry

Mixa Körpermilch 5% Urea Cica Repair, 250 ml


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