NIVEA Bodylotion, 400 ml


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NIVEA body lotion, 400 ml

48 hour fast-absorbing moisturizer

Formula with NIVEA deep care serum and sea minerals

Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula

Transforms dry skin into noticeably smoother skin

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

The NIVEA Express Body Lotion is ideal for everyone who expects more than just moisture from a body lotion.

It offers 48 hours of care, suppleness and ensures naturally beautiful skin.

The body lotion absorbs quickly and is enriched with NIVEA deep care serum and sea minerals.

With just one application, the light, fast-absorbing formula transforms your skin into noticeably smoother skin and provides it with intensive moisture for 48 hours.

For an effect that you can not only feel but also see.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry

Scope of application: body

Product properties: No information possible

Instructions for use

Apply Body Lotion all over your body and let it soak in.

With regular use, the skin’s natural 48-hour moisture supply is supported.

NIVEA Bodylotion, 400 ml



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