VISIOMAX Silikon-Hydrogel Monatslinse Dioptrie – 3,50 1 St


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VISIOMAX silicone hydrogel monthly lens diopter – 3.50 1 piece  

Product description  

  • To correct myopia
  •  High oxygen permeability
  • Long daily wear time
  • High wearing comfort


The VISIOMAX silicone hydrogel monthly contact lens -3.5 is a particularly eye-friendly, soft monthly contact lens with very high oxygen permeability. It offers easy adjustment and long-lasting comfort all day long.


sterile contact lens, 45% water, 55% silicone copolymer, buffered non-preserved saline, hyaluronic acid. 

Usage instructions

If the lens, the individual lens packaging is damaged or the expiry date has expired, the lenses must not be used. For daytime wear only. Take out your lenses before going to bed. The duration of use of the lenses must not exceed the prescribed 4 weeks. A regular ophthalmological check with the lenses is recommended.

Storage instructions

Protect from direct sunlight.

VISIOMAX Silikon-Hydrogel Monatslinse Dioptrie -3,25 1 St


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