Simplicol Textilfarbe expert Südsee- Türkis 150 g


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Simplicol textile dye expert South Sea turquoise 150 g 

Product description 

For creative dyeing such as batik or dip dye

For recoloring, recoloring and refreshing

Dye in the bowl, bucket or washing machine

For dyeing textiles made of wool, silk, cotton, viscose and linen

With the Simplicol Expert South Sea Turquoise you can dye and design clothing and home textiles easily and safely. You will get brilliant results with Creative dyeing such as tie-dye and dip-dye, re-dyeing, refreshing or re-dyeing.

Mandatory information

Exact product name: Textile Color Expert.


Direct dyes and sodium chloride. 

Usage instructions

Preparation: One pack dyes approx. 300g of fabric in the full tone (e.g. 1 skirt, 2 T-shirts or 2 towels). If necessary, weigh dry material on a kitchen Scale. If you wash more, the color will be lighter.

The fabric must be clean and free of stains. Please wash out fabric softeners, finishes and laundry disinfectants before dyeing. Dyeing in the Washing machine: Place clean fabric loosely in washing machine/top loader.

Cut the top of the bag open and place it on top of the textiles in the drum. If necessary, pour all the fixer into the fabric softener compartment. Start the 60° Easy Care program without pre-washing, if possible with the water plus button. For silk, add 750ml vinegar through the detergent Compartment. After dyeing, remove the bag from the drum and wash the dyed textiles in the washing machine at max. 40° on the delicates Program.

Dyeing in the bowl and bucket: Please wear rubber gloves. Pour 6 liters of warm water into a plastic bowl/bucket (equivalent to 4l boiling and 2l Cold water). Dissolve the entire contents of the bag in it.

For silk only, add 300ml vinegar (or 50ml vinegar essence 25%). Dip clean fabric well and dye while stirring for one hour. Then wash the textile at 40° with detergent.

Storage instructions

Keep locked up and out of reach of children.

Simplicol Textilfarbe expert Südsee- Türkis 150 g


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