Denkmit Colorwaschmittel Pulver 1,35 kg


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Denkmit color detergent powder 1.35 kg

Product description 

  • Color and fiber protection
  • Stain remover formula
  • Neutralizes odors – with Neutraroma technology
  • Cold active – effective from 20°C
  • 1.35kg


Denkmit’s color detergent powder not only cleans colored laundry deep into the fibers, but also works against pilling and smoothes stressed and damaged cotton-containing fibers. In addition, the textiles are protected by the color and fiber protection, which results in bright colors and protects the washed textiles from fading. Together with the high washing power, this results in a high-quality washing result. In addition, the cold-active formulation allows use at temperatures as low as 20°C, thereby saving energy.


Keep out of reach of CHILDREN


Over 30% zeolites. 15 – 30% anionic surfactants. Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, polycarboxylates, phosphonates. Contains enzymes (protease, lipase, mannanase, cellulase pectinase, amylase). Fragrances (LINALOOL). You can find further EU information about ingredients via this link. Further information

Usage instructions

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: – Follow the care instructions in the textiles. – Sort laundry by color, washing temperature and degree of soiling. – Wash colorful, discoloring textiles separately. – Not suitable for wool and silk. For this we recommend Denkmit wool washing lotion. – Pre-treat stubborn stains if necessary. – Fill the machine according to the device manufacturer, note the recommended loading quantity. – Dose Denkmit Color detergent directly into the dispenser compartment. (If necessary, you can get a dosing aid from your dm store). – Adjust the detergent dosage to the degree of soiling, the size of the machine and the water hardness (see dosage table). – Avoid direct contact with textiles. – Typically no prewash is required. – Use the lowest recommended washing temperature. – Select a short wash program for lightly soiled laundry. – Denkmit Color detergent is active from 20°C – wash heavily soiled laundry at higher temperatures.

Danger warnings

Causes serious eye irritation.
Keep out of reach of children.
IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If possible, remove any contact lenses. Continue rinsing.
If medical advice is required, have packaging or identification label available.
If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.
If swallowed: Call a POISON CENTER or doctor if you feel unwell. 

Denkmit Colorwaschmittel Pulver 1,35 kg


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