Dr. Beckmann Fleckenentferner Fleckenteufel Obst & Getränke 50 g


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Dr. Beckmann Stain Remover Stain Devil Fruit & Drinks 50 g

The Dr. Beckmann stain devil fruit & drinks with active oxygen removes red wine, coffee, tea, fruit and vegetable stains as well as juice, cocoa, mold and mildew stains.

It protects colors and fabrics. Suitable for washable and non-washable textiles.

Product features: No dyes, No perfume

Texture / Consistency / Application: Powder

Instructions for use

Application: Moisten the stain with water, sprinkle enough powder on it, moisten again, remove the powder after approx. 60 minutes, wash the textile as usual.

For particularly stubborn stains: Allow the powder to take effect longer, moisten the stain from time to time, remove the powder, wash the textile as usual.

For non-washable textiles: Remove the powder after the exposure time, dab the stain completely with a damp cloth.

Soaking: Dissolve the entire powder in 7 liters of warm water, soak the entire textile for a few hours, then rinse thoroughly or wash as usual.

Dr. Beckmann Fleckenentferner Fleckenteufel Obst & Getränke, 50 g


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