Lenor Vollwaschmittel Pods Aprilfrisch 18 Wl


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Lenor Laundry Detergent Pods April Fresh 18 Wl

cleaning person Long-lasting freshness softness fiber care color protection

Test the Lenor All-in-1 April Fresh Laundry Detergent for 18 loads with ultra cleaning power for hygienic deep cleanliness and long-lasting freshness.

Its ultra cleaning power penetrates deep into the fibers and removes dirt and stains, even at lower washing temperatures from 30 °C.

In addition, Lenor detergent leaves a fantastic freshness and wonderful fragrance.

The pods are also biodegradable and their shell is 100% water soluble.

The packaging is also fully recyclable in Germany and Austria.

Lenor Vollwaschmittel Pods Aprilfrisch, 18 Wl


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