Jessa Tampons Super, 56 St


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Jessa Tampons Super, 56 pcs

  • Jessa Tampons Super, your reliable companion for superior comfort and protection during your period. Each pack contains 56 tampons meticulously crafted with SoftSilk® technology, ensuring a smooth and gentle experience from insertion to removal.Featuring an advanced design, our tampons boast optimal leakage protection, keeping you feeling secure and confident throughout your day. The inclusion of a special security channel ensures that liquid is directed efficiently into the tampon, enhancing safety and minimizing the risk of leaks.

    Our tampons are engineered with your comfort in mind. The tampon core, made entirely of 100% viscose, provides exceptional absorbency while remaining gentle on your body. Meanwhile, the retrieval thread, crafted from 100% cotton, ensures easy and hassle-free removal.

    Experience unparalleled comfort with our tampons’ special groove structure, which seamlessly adapts to your body contours, offering a barely noticeable fit for extended wear. Plus, their very good tolerability, endorsed by gynecologists, provides added peace of mind.

    Make the switch to Jessa Tampons Super for a period experience that’s as comfortable as it is reliable.

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