Lansinoh Wochenbett Einlagen, Gr. L 10 St


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Lansinoh postpartum pads, Gr. L 10 pcs  

Product description

Leakage protection for particularly heavy bleeding

The large-size maternity pads offer mothers reliable protection against leakage after the birth.

They are extra absorbent, anatomically shaped, soft and breathable at the same time.

They are extra absorbent to keep you dry and secure.

Instructions for use

Take the maternity bed insert out of the hygiene protection.

Peel off the release paper from the back.

Glue the insert into the underpants with the wide side facing backwards.

Then peel off the release paper from the wings, fold the wings down and glue them to the outside of the underpants.

Change pads every 4-6 hours, more often if necessary, and discard used pads. Keep hygiene protection and packaging away from babies and young children.

Storage Instructions

Lansinoh® maternity pads are individually packed in a fleece hygienic cover. They should be stored dry and protected from direct light to prevent discoloration.

Lansinoh Wochenbett Einlagen, Gr. L, 10 St



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