Wilkinson Rasierer, hi audrey Intuition 1 St


  • USD: 13.07$



  • Wilkinson razor, hi audrey intuition 1pc

  • lady razor
  • With Duo
  • Intense
  • Serum 5-blade technology
  • Soft touch surface
  • For an easy, thorough wet shave

The Wilkinson Intuition Razor hi audrey enables women to shave easily and thoroughly.

The blade head with five blades and the included Duo-Intense serum ensure a gentle glide on the skin and a moisture balance during the shave.

Thanks to the razor handle with a soft-touch surface, the razor fits comfortably in your hand and ensures safe use.

Instructions for use

Tip 1: With its five blades, our new hi audrey razor from Intuition already has the best prerequisites for an easy and thorough shave.

Your legs will stay smooth for a particularly long time if you rinse them off briefly with warm water beforehand.

This opens the pores, allows hairs and stubble to emerge more and thus ensures a thorough result.

It’s even easier if you shave directly in the bath or shower.

Tip 2: Rinse the blades regularly under running water while you shave.

This way they don’t clog and shave better.

Tip 3: Is your skin sensitive?

Then it is best to shave in the direction of hair growth.

This will prevent redness and skin irritation.

Tip 4: Ready & smooth?

Then give your skin a quick shower with cool water.

This closes the pores and ensures an even smoother skin feeling after shaving.


Wilkinson Rasierer, hi audrey Intuition 1 St


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