Bad Heilbrunner Arznei-Tee, Magen & Darm Tee (8 x 1,75 g) 14 g


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Bad Heilbrunner Medicinal Tea, Stomach & Intestinal Tea (8 x 1.75 g) 14 g

The Bad Heilbrunner Gastrointestinal Tea has an antispasmodic effect on stomach and intestinal complaints and helps with a feeling of fullness, flatulence and mild, cramping gastrointestinal disorders.

A metal clip-free filter bag contains 1.75g of chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves and cumin

Type of tea:

Medicinal & medicinal tea

Product features:

Lactose-free, No flavorings, No colorings, No preservatives, Vegetarian

Instructions for use

Intended use: Indigestion (dyspeptic complaints), especially with slight spasms in the gastrointestinal area, flatulence, feeling of fullness.

In the case of complaints that last longer than 1 week or recur regularly, as with all unclear complaints, a doctor should be consulted.

The medicinal tea should no longer be used after the expiration date.



Bad Heilbrunner Arznei-Tee, Magen & Darm Tee (8 x 1,75 g) 14 g


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