Balea Fußcreme Hornhautentferner Salbe 50 g


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Balea foot cream callus remover ointment 50 g 

Product description  

Especially for heavily calloused skin.

Removes excessive calluses, corns and calluses.

Takes away the pressure pain and reduces pressure points

Balea callus remover ointment quickly and easily removes hard skin, corns and cracks from your feet.

The salicylic acid it contains has a callus-removing effect, which gradually removes the horny, dead skin layer from the healthy skin.

Salicylic acid thus ensures a targeted reduction of unsightly, calloused skin – without the hassle of rasping! After a few applications, the peeling process begins, the excess callus peels off and the healthy skin appears.

For softer, smoother skin and well-groomed feet after just a few days.


Do not use in the case of impaired kidney function, infants and small children! For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Mandatory notices

Active ingredients: salicylic acid Areas of application: The ointment is used externally for: • Increased callus formation (hyperkeratoses), • corns (clavus), • Callus. If you do not feel better or worse after 7 days, contact your doctor. Active ingredient concentration: 5% Dosage form: ointment for application to the skin. Exact product designation: callus remedy


salicylic acid

Instructions for use

For external use in cases of increased callus formation, calluses and corns. 

The recommended dose is: Apply callus remover ointment 1 to 2 times a day to the affected areas of the skin.

To treat corns, only use on areas up to 5 cm². Adults: The maximum daily dose is 40 g of ointment (less than 2 g of active substance).

Children from 6 years: The maximum daily dose is 4 g of ointment (less than 0.2 g of active substance). Do not use this medicine for more than 1 week

Storage Instructions 

Store between 5°C and 25°C. Store drug out of reach of children.

Balea Fußcreme Hornhautentferner Salbe 50 g


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