Hübner Original Silicea Kieselsäure Balsam, 500 ml


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Hübner Original Silicea silicic acid balm, 500 ml

Silicon is a building material for the connective tissue in the body.

The balsam supplies the body with silicon in a very finely divided form.

This tightens the skin, strengthens the hair and strengthens the fingernails.

The Hübner Original Silicea silicic acid balm is vegan.

Storage Instructions

Do not store above 25°C. Protect from frost. Shake before use! After opening the bottle, please store in the refrigerator at 4 – 8 °C and use within 4 weeks

Usage Notes

Traditionally used: internally to prevent brittle fingernails and hair, to strengthen the connective tissue; externally in the case of circumscribed local irritation of the skin.

This information is based solely on tradition and many years of experience.

If signs of illness appear, a doctor should be consulted.

Mandatory notices

Active ingredients: precipitated colloidal silicon dioxide Areas of application:

For oral use and for use on the skin, please refer to the package leaflet Active

ingredient concentration: 100 ml gel contain: 100 ml silicic acid gel with 2.8 g precipitated, disperse colloidal silicic acid anhydride (silicon dioxide) Dosage form: gel Exact product designation: Hübner Original Silicea® Balm 500 ml

Hübner Original Silicea Kieselsäure Balsam 500 ml


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