Credo Nagelknipser pop art mit gerader Schneide 1 St


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Credo nail clippers pop art with straight cutting edge 1 pc 

Product description

  • The item is available in these 5 pop art colors: yellow, orange, pink, light blue, light green


The Credo 2-component nail clipper in 82 mm is characterized by its powerful lever, which, thanks to the specially hardened steel, easily cuts

even the strongest nails without crushing or splintering them. The nail residues are simultaneously picked up in the nail catcher and can

therefore be easily disposed of. The straight cutting edges are perfectly coordinated.

The highly polished, nickel-plated surface protects against rust and gives the clippers its elegant appearance. This item is available in different colors/motifs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-select a specific color or motif for this order.


Empty the nail catcher container after use.

Usage instructions

We recommend that diabetics consult a doctor before use. 

Credo Nagelknipser pop art mit gerader Schneide 1 St


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