tetesept med foot care Hallux Valgus Druckschutz plus


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tetesept med foot care Hallux Valgus pressure protection plus

for pain-free walking, optimum wearing comfort, reusable and washable, Bunion pain relief and pressure relief ,adjustable toe spread, can be used on both left and right foot

Application and use

Put on the tetesept Hallux Valgus gel pad and bring it into a comfortable position. The pressure-sensitive hallux valgus area should be covered by the side cushion. Adjustable toe spread: The toe spreaders in two degrees of hardness offer the possibility, depending on the toe crooked position and load, to individually adjust the pressure relief and enable pain-free walking. To do this, slide the toe spreader with the appropriate degree of hardness – hard or soft – into the recess in the gel padding between the two toes.

Important instructions

It is recommended to rinse the Hallux Valgus gel pad thoroughly with water after use. If the gel pad feels sticky, it can be dusted with powder. The toe spreaders can also be cleaned with water after use.

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