Doppelherz aktiv Artischocke + Olivenöl + Curcuma


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Doppelherz active artichoke + olive oil + turmeric

Product Information

Doppelherz active artichoke + olive oil + turmeric
A high-fat diet, alcohol consumption and a lack of exercise can put a strain on our liver and bile system. For healthy digestion, a balanced diet that provides our body with sufficient nutrients is important. The capsules from Doppelherz contain natural extracts from artichoke and curcuma as well as valuable olive oil.

Active ingredients

  • Olive oil, virgin
    Omega-9 fatty acids
    Turmeric root extract
    Artichoke leaf extract


  • Maltodextrin
    Brilliant blue FCF
    Iron oxides and hydroxides
    Glycerol (mono/di) fatty acid ester
    Lecithin (soybean)
    Gelatin (beef)
    Coconut oil
    Soybean oil


Doppelherz Artischocke, Curcuma + Olivenöl


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