Doppelherz Immun family system flüssig 250 ml


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Doppelherz Immune family system liquid (250 ml)

  • Special bad-weather vitamins
    Zinc and selenium to support the immune system
    Ready to drink with a delicious tropical fruit flavor


Doppelherz immune family system liquid – bad weather vitamins for the whole family
When the weather is wet and cold and changeable or the body is otherwise exposed to high stress, the demands on the body’s defenses increase. In order to be able to fight bacteria and viruses quickly and effectively, a robust immune system is particularly important during the cold season. This is where the liquid Doppelherz Immune family system comes in: It supplies the body with selected trace elements and vitamins and thus strengthens the immune system and cell protection from within. With its delicious tropical fruit flavor, it is the ideal dietary supplement for the whole family.

Active ingredient complex for the immune system
The mode of action of Doppelherz Immun family system liquid is based on a combination of important nutrients. Vitamins A, C and D as well as selenium and zinc support the normal function of the immune system. In addition, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium protect the body cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin A also contributes to maintaining healthy mucous membranes and in this way strengthens the body’s defenses when it comes into contact with pathogens for the first time. If used regularly, Doppelherz Immun family system liquid can make an important contribution to health.

Easy intake for all family members
Doppelherz Immun family system liquid is a dietary supplement that is easy to take and tastes good. Adults and children who have problems taking tablets and capsules can also easily support their immune system in this way. Even 10 ml of Doppelherz Immun family system liquid per day contribute to a strong immune system.

Doppelherz immune family system liquid from the manufacturer Queisser Pharma can be ordered quickly and easily from apodiscounter. In our online range you will also find a large selection of other Doppelherz food supplements to support your health.


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