Doppelherz Meerwasser Schnupfenspray 20 ml


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Doppelherz sea water cold spray 20 ml   

Product description   

  • Nasal spray with isotonic sea salt solution
  • For a stuffy nose
  • Supports dry sinuses
  • For sensitive nasal mucosa


The sea water cold spray from Doppelherz is a good support if you suffer from a stuffy nose and dry sinuses due to a cold or hay fever. The spray with mint and eucalyptus oil has a gentle effect on sensitive nasal mucosa and can help you breathe freely.

Mandatory information

Exact product name:

Medical device


Sea salt solution, eucalyptus oil, mint oil, gum arabic, citric acid

Storage instructions

Do not store Doppelherz Sea Water Cold Spray above 25°C or below 5°C.

Doppelherz Meerwasser Schnupfenspray 20 ml


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