Klosterfrau Heiße Acerolakirsche zuckerfrei 10 St 50 g


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Klosterfrau Hot acerola cherry sugar-free 10 pieces 50 g

Supports the immune system

Sugar free

Klosterfrau Hot Acerola Cherry is a companion for cold days.

It warms the body from the inside and a pleasant feeling of well-being spreads.

The hot drink tastes fruity like acerola cherries and is quickly prepared with hot water.

The vitamin C it contains is one of the best-known vitamins for supporting the immune system.

Klosterfrau Hot Acerola Cherry combines the nutrients vitamin C and zinc in a sensible way and is also sugar-free.

Instructions for use

Once a day, pour the contents of one sachet (5 g) into a cup, fill up with hot (not boiling) water (200 ml), stir.

Klosterfrau Hot Acerola Cherry can also be eaten cold.

Nutritional values

Composition Per Daily Dose*% NRV**
Vitamin C300 mg375 %
Zinc5 mg50 %


Klosterfrau Heiße Acerolakirsche zuckerfrei 10 St 50 g


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