Mivolis Aktiv Fettstoffwechsel Kapseln 45 St. 25 g


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Mivolis Active Fat Metabolism

  • Vegetable fat burner
  • Choline for fat metabolism
  • Guarana for weight control
  • Proven citrus fruit & guarana extract Sinetrol
  • Accompanying a diet

Mivolis Active Fat Metabolism contains the natural citrus fruit and guarana extract Sinetrol®.

It is a blend of blood orange, grapefruit, orange and guarana extracts.

Guarana has been known in the Amazon region for centuries and is used there in a variety of ways. Guarana extract naturally contains caffeine.

The fruit extracts in the recipe are supplemented with choline.

This essential nutrient supports fat metabolism.

Mivolis Active Fat Metabolism helps to support weight management as part of a calorie-reduced diet in conjunction with regular physical activity.

Mivolis Aktiv Fettstoffwechsel Kapseln 45 St., 25 g


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