Profissimo Stabfeuerzeug 1 St./ Feuerzeug


  • USD: 5.44$



Profissimo stick lighter 1 piece/ lighter

stick lighter


With ignition fuse

The Profissimo rod lighter has an ignition safety device and flame regulation.

The dust lighter can also be refilled and you do not need an adapter attachment when using the Profissimo universal lighter gas.

The lighter is TÜV tested.



Keep away from Children 

Keep away from face and clothing when igniting

Contains flammable gas under pressure

Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C or prolonged exposure to sunlight

Never stab or put in fire never leave lit continuously for more than 30 seconds

After use, make sure the flame has gone out completely

After filling, please wait 2 minutes before igniting


Profissimo Stabfeuerzeug 1 St./ Feuerzeug


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