babylove Premium Babyflasche blau, 1 St


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babylove Premium baby bottle blue, 1 pc

Premium baby bottle Breast-like sucker

  • With special ACTIFLEX® system
    Anti-colic valve for consistent drinking flow
    Includes hygiene cap for leak protection
    Suitable for thin foods such as breast milk, pre-feeding, tea, water and juices


Premium baby bottle blue has a round-shaped teat that is modeled on the mother’s nipple.

With a particularly wide contact surface, the baby’s natural sucking behavior is supported and switching between breast and bottle is made easier.

The special ACTIFLEX® system prevents the teat from being completely compressed when drinking and thus ensures constant food intake.

Thanks to the anti-colic valve, an even drinking flow is ensured and swallowing of air is prevented.

Recommended age: from birth



– Continuous and prolonged sucking of liquids causes tooth decay.

– Always check the temperature of the food before feeding.

– At the first sign of damage or defects, throw away the product immediately.

– All unused items must be kept out of the reach of children.

– Never attach cords, ribbons, shoelaces or parts of clothing to the product.

Danger of strangulation!

– Nutritional teats must never be used as pacifiers.

– This product should only be used under adult supervision.

Mandatory information

Exact product name: nutrition bottle
Usage instructions

The premium drinking teats fit the babylove premium baby bottle.

Do not heat a filled bottle in the microwave.

There is a risk of scalding due to uneven heating.

If the bottles are closed, the contents could be released explosively.

Do not place the bottle on hot stoves.

Check regularly that the drinking hole and anti-colic valve are not blocked.

Boil the bottle, teat and accessories for 5 minutes before first use.

Then let it cool down. Before each use, clean the bottle, accessories and teats by rinsing them with warm water. Cook all parts regularly.

The boiling time should be 5 minutes.

Make sure there is enough liquid in the pot.

Do not clean in a steam pressure pot or dishwasher as this can cause material damage.

When using suitable disinfection devices or agents, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent product damage.

Inspect the bottle and teat before each use.

Pull the teat in all directions – especially when children are teething – and replace it immediately at the first sign of wear (sticky, cracked, swollen) or damage (e.g. bite marks).

For safety reasons, please replace bottles with cracks or deeper scratches as they could break during use.

Depending on the intensity of use, do not use teats for longer than 4-8 weeks for hygienic and safety reasons.

Do not keep in a disinfectant solution for longer than recommended as the suction part could be damaged.

Do not fill the bottle with food that is too hot.

Leakage safety is not guaranteed when using carbonated or sparkling drinks.

From birth.

Storage instructions

Please store the bottle, teat and accessories hygienically (cleaned and dry) and protected from light.

babylove Premium Babyflasche blau, 1 St


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