Hipp Getreidebrei 5-Korn ab dem 6.Monat


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Hipp 5-grain cereal porridge from 6 months

  • No added sugar*
    100% organic whole grain
    With vitamin B1 (important for the nervous system)


The Hipp organic five-grain cereal porridge from 6 months is an unsweetened organic whole grain cereal porridge made from organic whole grain flour and wheat semolina.

It satisfies your child based on natural


It contains vitamin B1.

The porridge contains no added sugar*.

*Ingredients naturally contain sugar.

Instructions for use

The HiPP 5-grain is used as an ingredient in the preparation of a complete meal (e.g. with milk formula for a milk-cereal porridge).

Always feed the porridge with a spoon and prepare it fresh for each meal.

Contact with saliva can liquefy the porridge.

Please make sure that the folding box and foil bag are intact before use. Best before: see lid tab


Exact product name: ORGANIC cereal porridge 5-grain Ingredients: Wholemeal flour* 80% (OATS*, WHEAT*, BARLEY*, SPELT* +, RYE*), WHEAT SEMOLINA*, vitamin B1. *From organic production. +Spelt is a type of wheat.

Please note the information on allergens.


Contains spelt and spelt products

Contains barley and barley products

Contains cereals and cereal products containing gluten

Contains oats and oat products

Contains rye and rye derivatives

Contains wheat and wheat derivatives

Nutritional values

Average nutritional information

per 100 g

Calorific value

381 kcal / 1,609 kJ


3.9 g

of which saturated fatty acids

0.6 g


69.7 g

of which sugar

1.8 g

Dietary fiber

9.2 g


12.1 g

Salt equivalent

< 0.05 g

Vitamin B 1, thiamine

1.5 mg


< 0.02 g


Storage instructions

Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Close the opened bag again after removing the product.

Store at room temperature, dry and hygienic.

Use contents within 3-4 weeks.

Hipp Getreidebrei 5-Korn ab dem 6.Monat


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