altapharma Husten- und Bronchial Tee für Kinder


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altapharma cough and bronchial tea for children

altapharma Cough and bronchial tea for children, medicinal tea for adults and children aged 4 and over for symptoms of bronchitis

for children supports symptoms of bronchitis.

It also serves to relieve irritation in cases of catarrh of the upper respiratory tract with dry cough.

Product features: Vegan, Vegetarian


If symptoms last longer than a week or recur periodically, we recommend consulting a doctor.

If you have any questions about how to use it, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacy.

Storage instructions

Store drug out of reach of children.

Store protected from light and moisture.

altapharma Husten- und Bronchial Tee für Kinder


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