Mivolis Aqua-Pflasterstrips für Kinder 20 St.


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Mivolis aqua plaster strips for children, 20 St.

Protection against moisture

All around waterproof

Particularly cuddly For children

Mivolis aqua plaster strips for children are suitable for supplying everyday injuries and wounds that should not be wet.

The paving strips are waterproof, breathable and protect the wound from entering dirt and bacteria.

Ideal when washing, showering or swimming.

Compatibility of dermatologically confirmed.

Adhesive: polyacrylate, latex -free.

Usage instructions

Carefully clean the wound and surrounding skin and make sure that the affected skin area is free of grease, clean and dry.

1. Remove the plaster from the individual packaging.

Remove the paper protective film from the adhesive surface.

2. Stick on the plaster and make sure it fits wrinkle-free.

3. Peel off the top white protective film.

Change the plaster at least once a day and check the wound.

Storage instructions

Store in a cool, dry place and protected from the sun.

Mivolis Aqua-Pflasterstrips für Kinder, 20 St.


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