Selfie Project Maske Peel-Off Shine like a Mermaid 12 ml


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Selfie Project Mask Peel-Off Shine like a Mermaid 12 ml

Peel-Off Mask Mermaid Moisturizing

With hyaluronic acid and sea salt

Natural glow Gives a revitalized skin feeling

Enjoy the feeling of refreshed skin at any time of the day with the Selfie Project Shine like a Mermaid peel-off mask.

The nourishing formula with hyaluronic acid and sea water provides the skin with soothing moisture and gives you a naturally beautiful glow.

Especially after a hard day, this mask is just the thing to simply relax.

The face mask gives you a relaxed and revitalized complexion, like after a day at the sea.

Usage Notes

Apply an even layer to cleansed skin, avoiding eyebrows and hairline.

Carefully peel off after about 20-30 minutes.

Any residue can be washed off with warm water.

Do not use in case of skin diseases, broken skin, hypersensitivity to any ingredient or after dermatological treatments.

Selfie Project Maske Peel-Off Shine like a Mermaid, 12 ml


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