Garnier Skin Active Maske Hautklar Kohle Peel-Off 50 ml


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Garnier Skin Active Mask Skin Clear Charcoal Peel-Off, 50 ml

Coal of natural origin salicylic acid

The Garnier Skin Active Peel-Off Mask acts like a magnet that attracts impurities, refines pores and regulates sebum production.

Usage Notes

1. Wash face thoroughly and pat dry.

2. Apply a generous amount evenly to T-zone (nose, forehead, chin).

3. Once the mask is completely dry, gently peel off from bottom to top.

Any residue with water Rinse off.

Look at the impurities on the back of the peel-off mask – and no longer on your face!”

Garnier Skin Active Maske Hautklar Kohle Peel-Off, 50 ml


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