Garnier Skin Active Tagescreme Vitamin C Glow 50 ml


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Garnier Skin Active Day Cream Vitamin C Glow 50 ml

  • For instantly more radiant skin
  • Softened dark spots
  • With super citrus
  • Firms and moisturizes the skin
  • Visible wrinkle reduction after just 28 days


The Garnier Skin Active Bio Glow moisturizing day cream with vitamin C counteracts tired and uneven skin.

The vitamin C it contains is known for its dermatological effectiveness.

The day care ensures a more radiant complexion and at the same time prevents dark spots.

Also included in the face cream is Super Citrus – the naturally renewable ingredient gives the skin a healthy glow.

With the help of natural cosmetic skin care, the skin appears smoother thanks to the high supply of moisture.

After just 14 days, the complexion appears visibly firmer.

With regular use for 28 days, wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Instructions for use

Before using the Garnier Bio Glow Moisturizer with Vitamin C, cleanse the face thoroughly and remove excess sebum, dirt and product residue.

After drying, apply a hazelnut-sized amount of the day cream to the face and then massage into the skin with gentle circular movements from the inside out.

Then let the moisturizing skin cream take effect for a short moment.

The facial care can be used daily, even several times.

Regular use is recommended for best results.


Garnier Skin Active Tagescreme Vitamin C Glow 50 ml


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