Gillette Rasiergel, Labs 198 ml


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Gillette shaving gel, Labs 198 ml

Lathers up quickly, rinses off easily & leaves no sticky residue

Cools and soothes the skin, with seaweed & no alcohol or dyes

Helps protect skin from skin irritation

Masculine scent of cedar wood & orange peel

Gillette Labs Fast Foaming Shaving Gel cools and soothes skin and helps protect it while shaving. 

It is made without alcohol or colorings.

To use, simply apply, shave and rinse.

For a quick, easy and refreshing shave or hot towel shave experience, use this shaving gel with Gillette Labs razors.

Gillette Labs razors include the Gillette Labs Razor with Cleansing Element and the Gillette Labs Heated Razor.

This shaving gel also has a light and refreshing scent and the packaging is made from fully recyclable material.

Gillette Rasiergel, Labs 198 ml


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