Swiss-o-Par Augenbrauenfarbe Lichtbraun 1 St


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Swiss-o-par eyebrow color light brown 1 st

Permanent coloring

No smear – color right

Expressive eyebrows

With the Swiss-O-PAR eyebrow color, light-brown you ensure perfectly curved eyebrows without constantly using an eyebrow pencil.

The uniform, perfect result: an intensive color for many weeks.

For an enchanting look!

Cover power: strong opacity

Product properties: waterproof

Texture / consistency / application: gel

Usage information

Preparation: clean eyebrows thoroughly.

You have to be fat -free and dry in order to be able to achieve an optimal color result.

You can apply some skin cream top and below the bridal to protect these skin areas from staining.

However, no skin cream may be applied directly to the brow.

Mix the preparation: Press approx. 1 cm of color in the fermentation coal between the lines in the bottom of the fary’s disk.

Then put 10 – 13 drops of cream developers in the shell and mix with one of the chopsticks to a easily spread mass.

The more developer drops you use, the thinner the consistency of the color.

Process the mixed color immediately.

Applicant: Apply the prepared color with attached chopsticks in the direction of growth to the brows until they are completely covered.

Exposure time: 6 – 10 minutes, depending on the desired color depth.

Remove: After the exposure time, remove the applied eyebrow paint with a wet cotton pad until no more color residues can be seen on the pad.

For the next coloring process, the chopstick and the fermentation coal must be cleaned well and dried.

Notes: Remove the color spots on the skin with water and soap or a commercially available contour cleaner.

Color mass and cream developers must not come into contact with textiles and furnishings because color stains are created.

Please only make a color 24 hours after plucking the eyebrows.


Swiss-o-Par Augenbrauenfarbe Lichtbraun 1 St


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