Kneipp Erkältungsbad Spezial 100 ml


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Kneipp cold bath special 100 ml

Kneipp® cold bath special with a high concentration of the best essential oils frees the airways and makes it easier to cough up.

It noticeably relieves symptoms typical of colds and warms the body pleasantly.

Instructions for use

Application areas: For supportive treatment and to improve the symptoms of colds in the respiratory tract with viscous mucus.

bath treatment Dosage: If necessary, adults and adolescents from the age of 12 take a full bath once a day.

Unless otherwise prescribed, use 20 ml bath additive for 1 full bath (150 l bath water) (fill the screw cap twice up to the mark (10 ml)).

Distribute evenly in the bath water.

Bathing temperature: 35-38°C (or higher, if tolerated).

Bathing time: 10-20 minutes.


Kneipp Erkältungsbad Spezial 100 ml


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