Kneipp Melatonin Plus Tabletten 30 St. 15,3 g


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Kneipp melatonin plus tablets 30 hours 15.3 g

Falling phase: 1.85 mg melatonin high dose

Sleeping phase: with proven plant extracts, vitamin B6 for nervous system and psyche Vegan, gluten -free, lactose -free, sugar -free

No habituation effects & no dependency

The Kneipp melatonin plus better fall asleep 2-layer tablets with meaningfully combined ingredients support a relaxing night.

The white layer with the “sleep hormone” melatonin helps naturally to shorten the sleep time.

The brown layer contains a fantastic planting combination of valerian, lemon balm and passion flower, which have always been valued for their soothing properties, as well as vitamin B6 and zinc.

Vitamin B6 also contributes to a normal function of the nervous system and normal mental function.

Usage information

Recommended consumption: Shortly before going to bed, 1 tablet of unscrewed and take with plenty of liquid.

Melatonin should not be consumed with alcohol.

Nutritional values

Composition per daily dose*% NRV**
Vitamin B 61,4 mg100 %
Zinc10 mg100 %
Melatonin1,85 mg****



Kneipp Melatonin Plus Tabletten 30 St. 15,3 g


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