Kneipp Johanniskraut Dragees H


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Kneipp St. John’s Wort Dragees H

For inner balance

To relieve temporary mental fatigue

Traditional herbal medicine

gluten free

Kneipp St. John’s wort Dragees H. Active substance: St. John’s wort powder 300 mg.

Coated tablets for use in adults.

Traditional herbal medicinal product to relieve temporary mental fatigue solely due to long-term use.

Contains sucrose (sugar) and glucose.

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Instructions for use

Traditional herbal medicine to relieve temporary mental fatigue.

Kneipp® St. John’s wort Dragees H is a traditional medicinal product that is only registered for the area of application because it has been used for many years.

dosage Adults take 1 coated tablet 3 times a day whole with a glass of water.


Kneipp Johanniskraut Dragees H


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