Kneipp Intensiv Wärme Balsam mit Arnika 100 ml


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Kneipp Intensive heat balm with arnica 100 ml

For neck, shoulders and back Nourishes, regenerates & revitalizes

Develops a soothing warming effect Body care with arnica can be used after physical activity, e.g. to prevent sore muscles and for muscle tension and muscle pulling.

The muscles are relaxed and reactivated by the massage.

Instructions for use

Application: Apply Kneipp Intensive Heat Balm with arnica to the affected areas and massage in thoroughly.

Use several times a day if necessary.


Do not use on broken skin, mucous membranes or around the eyes.

Apply only to intact skin.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap after use.

Important: After the application, it is essential to avoid additional exposure to heat such as showering, bathing or going to the sauna.

Keep out of reach of small children.



Kneipp Intensiv Wärme Balsam mit Arnika 100 ml



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