SOS Wärme Gürtel für Rücken 1 St


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SOS Heat for back belt 1 pcs.

Set includes: 1 x heat belt + 4 x heat pads (2-4 uses) Self-heating belt

  • Ideal for the lumbar and hip area Has a pain-relieving effect for up to 16 hours
  • For all sizes (S-XL) The elastic heat belt from
  • SOS is an effective remedy for back pain.
  • It is easy to put on with Velcro and radiates soothing heat to the affected area for hours.
  • This can relieve unpleasant cramps and tension and quickly alleviate pain.


Scope of application:


Product features:

Lactose free, vegan, vegetarian

Mandatory information

Active ingredients: iron, activated carbon
Dosage form: belt and pads

Instructions for use:

Open the sachet with your hand (do not cut it) and remove the heat pad.

Place one heat pad in each of the two pockets of the heat belt (no more than one heat pad per pocket) with the printed side facing you.

Position it on the painful area in the lumbar vertebrae or hip area and place the warming belt around the body and fix it with the Velcro fastener.

After use, loosen the belt and remove the heat pads. The heat belt is available for the next use.

SOS Wärme Gürtel 1 St.


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