Kneipp Arnika Salbe S 100 g


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Kneipp Arnica Ointment S 100 g

Kneipp® Arnica Ointment S contains the active ingredient oily extract from arnica blossoms.

During manufacture, the native fat-soluble ingredients are made available.

The slightly moisturizing cream is easily absorbed by the skin.

If necessary, Kneipp® Arnica Ointment S can also be used several times a day over longer periods of time.

Instructions for use

Areas of application:

For external use in the aftermath of injuries and accidents,e.g. bruising (hematoma), sprains (distortions), bruises, contusions, accumulation of water in the tissue as a result of broken bones (fracture edema), rheumatic muscle and joint problems and inflammation as a result of insect bites.



Kneipp Arnika Salbe S 100 g


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