Mivolis Medizinische Zinksalbe 100 ml


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Mivolis medicinal zinc ointment 100 ml

  • Supports wound healing
    Even with weeping or itchy wounds
    Use as a cover ointment
    Also suitable for children and babies
    Does not contain any fragrances, colors or preservatives

Mivolis zinc ointment supports the healing of abrasions and / or lacerations and diaper rash.
Intact skin has an extremely important protective function for our body.

If the skin is affected, reddened or inflamed by an injury or wound, zinc can help the damaged skin structures to regenerate.

The itch-relieving active ingredient zinc oxide is highly valued by users in supporting wound healing.
The zinc ointment is also recommended for oozing wounds if an astringent (contracting) effect is useful for the healing process.
Zinc ointment does not contain any fragrances, colors or preservatives.
The ointment is also suitable for children and infants.

Product features:


Storage instructions

Store drug out of reach of children.

Instructions for use

To support wound healing, even with weeping or itchy wounds, cracks; Use as a cover ointment.

The ointment is also suitable for children and infants.

Warning notices

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Mandatory information

Active ingredients: zinc oxide
Areas of application: To support wound healing
Active ingredient concentration: 10.0 g
Dosage form: ointment for application to the skin
Exact product name: Zinc ointmentMivolis Zinksalbe


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