Abtei Wundheil Zinksalbe (75 ml)


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Abtei Wundheil zinc ointment (75 ml)

Protects, nourishes and reduces skin irritation With arnica and vitamin E. For daily care of the face, hands and legs Above all, it pampers dry and particularly sensitive skin For lacerations, abrasions and slight inflammation. The covering Abtei Wundheil zinc ointment, 75 ml, with its wound protection formula, is twice as effective for skin injuries: antibacterial and wound healing.

Warnings For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

mandatory information

Omega Pharma Deutschland GmbH Benzstrasse 25, 71083 Herrenberg Active ingredients: zinc oxide Areas of application: Traditionally used as a mild medicinal product to support wound healing. Active ingredient concentration: 100 g of ointment contain 10.0 g of zinc oxide. Other ingredients: White vaseline, viscous paraffin, wool wax alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene. Dosage form: ointment



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