alverde NATURKOSMETIK Zahnbürste aus Holz medium 1 St


  • USD: 5.44$


Alverde natural cosmetics toothbrush made of wood medium 1 st

From FSC-certified beech wood

Made from an individual piece of wood

With bristles from almost 100% biologically renewable resources

For thorough tooth cleaning Hardening: medium

The Alverde wooden toothbrush ensures thorough tooth cleaning thanks to the special bristle cut.

The short bristles clean the tooth surface, while the longer bristles also reach hard -to -reach interdental spaces.

The Alverde wooden toothbrush consists of FSC-certified beech wood from sustainably managed forests in Switzerland.

Each toothbrush is made from an individual piece of wood and thus makes dental care a unique and natural experience.

The Alverde wooden toothbrush is free of oil and pesticides.

By using beech wood from Switzerland, long transport routes are avoided.

The bristles are up to 100% biologically renewable resources.

The Alverde wooden toothbrush thus carries the natural protective function of your skin to avoid plastic waste.

Area of application: gum problems

Product properties: natural cosmetics, vegan

Hardening level toothbrushes: medium



alverde NATURKOSMETIK Zahnbürste aus Holz medium 1 St


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