Denkmit Spülmaschinen-Salz Spezial 2 kg


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Denkmit dishwasher salt special 2 kg

  • Reliable limescale protection for dishes and machines
  • Since Denkmit special salt does not contain any insoluble components that can lead to harmful deposits, it is perfect for this special type of descaling
  • Table salt is not suitable for water softening in dishwashers


The special salt from Denkmit ensures optimal water softening in your dishwasher and offers reliable protection against limescale.

Limescale dissolved in the water can be deposited in the machine during the washing process, reducing its performance and damaging it.

Limescale deposits on crockery and cutlery become visible as unsightly limescale stains.

To prevent limescale deposits in the dishwasher and on the dishes, dishwashers have a water softening system.

If this is always supplied with Denkmit special salt, it removes the harmful lime from the tap water and supplies soft water.


Use Denkmit special salt according to the dishwasher’s operating instructions and fill it into the salt container provided for this purpose in the water softening system.

Check the dishwasher’s salt supply regularly and refill Denkmit special salt if necessary.

If the dishwasher does not have a salt indicator, it is advisable to fill up the salt container regularly (approx. once a week) with Denkmit special salt.

This ensures that the water softener is always ready for use.

Denkmit Spülmaschinen-Salz Spezial 2 kg


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