Finish Spülmaschinen-Tabs Ultimate Plus 10 St


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Finish Dishwasher Tabs Ultimate Plus Pack of 10

  • With the revolutionary Cyclesync technology
  • The caps protect & care for glasses, crockery & cutlery & thus
  • maintain the shine with every wash cycle
  • Without unpacking thanks to biodegradable & 100% water-soluble film
  • Comes with a resealable, recyclable stand-up pouch


The Ultimate Plus tabs from Finish ensure intensive cleaning and a brilliant shine from the very first rinse.

Our first dishwasher cap with the revolutionary

Cyclesynk technology allows the right ingredient* to unfold at exactly the right moment, so that even burnt-on food residues are effectively removed – without pre-rinsing.

In addition, the Cap protects and cares for glasses, crockery and cutlery and thus maintains the shine with every wash cycle.

The innovative cap composition combines 4 functions and thus ensures intensive cleaning.

Instructions for use

Use with dry hands.

Do not separate capsules that are stuck together.

Do not unpack or tear open.

Dissolves completely in the rinse cycle.

Place 1 cap per rinse in the DRY dosing chamber.

Do not put in the cutlery basket.

Use the ECO/Auto program for best results.

The salt function of the cap is sufficient up to a water hardness of 21 °dH.

If your water is harder, use additional Finish special salt.

For optimal drying results, we recommend the Finish Shine & Rinse Aid.

Finish Spülmaschinen-Tabs Ultimate Plus 10 St


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