Brita Maxtra+ Filterkartusche 5+1


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Brita Maxtra+ filter cartridge 5+1

The Brita Maxtra+ filter cartridge cleans your drinking water at home
Despite the high quality standards in Germany, tap water can often contain harmful substances that can arise during the installation of the water pipes in the house or through outdated pipe networks.

Factors such as carbonate hardness or other suspended matter and especially lime can not only influence the hardness of your drinking water, but also your health, limescale deposits in your kitchen appliances and even the taste of food.

The Brita Maxtra + filter cartridge can provide a practical remedy and filter your tap water quickly and easily. The Brita Maxtra + promo pack 5 + 1 offers long-lasting filtering for your drinking water and easy use at an affordable price.

Brita GmbH is the market leader in the field of water filtering in households and has been producing innovative filter technology for over 50 years. The Brita Maxtra + filter cartridge can easily be integrated into your kitchen and reliably supplies you and your family with healthy and pure drinking water. The filters remove suspended matter such as lime, chlorine, copper and lead deposits from your drinking water and the filtered water is suitable for direct consumption as well as for hot drinks.

The filtering process improves the taste of coffee, tea or your favorite dishes by making the water softer and removing substances that interfere with the taste. And you can save yourself the hassle of lugging heavy bottles or crates out of the supermarket.

Many benefits for health and the environment

The Brita Maxtra + filter cartridge not only helps your health and saves your wallet, it also relieves the burden on the environment by avoiding plastic bottles. The Brita Maxtra + filter cartridge works with the MicroFlow Technology and has both activated carbon and ion exchangers, which lock in interfering substances in the water in the many pores of their Micro Carbon Pearls. Our filtration technology is based on natural coconut shells. During use, the Brita Meter measures the existing water hardness as well as the use of the filter and thus shows you the best time to change the filter cartridge.

The Brita Maxtra + filter cartridge is the optimal addition to our Brita water filters and is available in the Brita Maxtra + promo pack 5 + 1. One cartridge can filter around 100 liters of water and the promo pack lasts up to a year, depending on the hardness of the water and the intensity of use. With the right filter cartridge for your Brita water filter, you are also doing something good for the environment, because we recycle our cartridges and thus avoid waste and reduce the CO2 balance of our products – and have done so since 1992. The CO2 emissions of one liter of drinking water, that was filtered with a Brita filter is around 27 times less than water from single-use plastic bottles. With 2 liters of water per day, this leads to a saving of over 130 kg of CO2 per year.


Brita Maxtra filter cartridge 5 + 1

Brita Maxtra+ Filterkartusche 5+1


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