Denkmit Wäscheduft Kissen Sensual Fresh 4 St


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Denkmit Laundry Fragrance Pillow Sensual Fresh 4 pcs 

Product description 

With fresh pearls

Versatile use

Up to 8 weeks of fragrant freshness per pillow

The Sensual Fresh scented cushions from Denkmit ensure long-lasting freshness in your wardrobe, shoe cupboard, chest of drawers, sports bag And travel bag. The freshness pearls develop their wonderful scent for up to 8 weeks – for a freshness that makes you feel good.


 Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Do not swallow. If the product has been swallowed, consult a doctor! People who are sensitive to fragrances Should use this product with caution.

Usage instructions

Pull a ribbon through the incision in one corner of the scented sachet and attach it to the wardrobe or simply place it directly with the laundry, in The dresser, shoe cabinet or bag. The Denkmit scented cushion works for up to 8 weeks – then simply replace it with a new one. Do not cover the Scented sachet with clothing.

Do not use Denkmit scented pillows in the washing machine or tumble dryer. Do not place on wet or damp laundry.

Denkmit Wäscheduft Kissen Sensual Fresh 4 St


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