WC-Ente WC-Reinger First Kiss Flowers Nachfüllpack 2 St


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Toilet duck toilet cleaner First Kiss Flowers refill pack 2 pcs

One dispenser will keep you clean & fresh for up to 8 weeks

Hygienic: against urine scale, lime and germ formation

Toilet duck refill with 12 toilet gel stamps

The refill toilet duck freshness seal First Kiss Flowers fits into the original dispenser handle of the toilet duck freshness seal starter pack, the innovative and discreet alternative to the classic toilet hanger.

The freshness seal is the first freshness gel for the toilet without a toilet hanger.

This is why the toilet cleaner is suitable for both rimmed and rimless toilets.

The toilet gel is placed on the inner wall of the toilet bowl like a seal or stamp.

It releases cleansing substances and fresh toilet scent with every flush.

Easy to use: remove the cap, place the open end of the dispenser on the inside wall of the toilet bowl with a little pressure, press the button and push the blue dispenser handle forward until the button clicks into place again.

Simply pull off the dispenser and the freshness seal sticks in the toilet bowl.

Put the cap back on.

A seal lasts up to 10 days.

Can also be used in toilets with a nano seal or lotus effect.


Be alert when children are near the toilet.

Only use in the toilet.

Keep away from pets.


WC-Ente WC-Reinger First Kiss Flowers Nachfüllpack 2 St


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