Dr. Beckmann Farb- & Schmutzfänger 3in1 40 St


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dr Beckmann color & dirt trap 3in1 40 pcs

Perfect protection against discoloration for your colored & light-colored laundry as well as textiles with white content

Color brilliance effect for bright colors

Fewer loads of laundry due to full machines saves time, energy and water the dr Beckmann paint and dirt traps 3in1 as cloths quickly absorb the leaking paints from the water and bind them immediately.

In this way, all items of clothing are reliably protected against discoloration, especially textiles with a white component.

Area of application: Colored laundry, heavy-duty detergent, white laundry, woollens and delicates

Product features: Without perfume

Instructions for use

1.Fill the washing machine with laundry and dose detergent as recommended.

2. Depending on the color intensity of the textiles, place 1-2 cloths in the drum and start the desired wash program.

3. Dispose of the cloth in the household waste after the wash cycle.

Ultimate protection against discoloration and graying • Increases color intensity & smoothes roughened fibers

• Highly absorbent cloth with color absorption & care formula

• Simply wash all colors together

• Keeps clothes looking like new, wash after wash

Dr. Beckmann Farb- & Schmutzfänger 3in1 40 St


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