Sebamed Seifenfreies Waschstück pH-Wert 5,5


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Sebamed soap-free wash bar pH 5.5

Sebamed soap-free wash bar pH 5.5 Soap and alkali free.

Cleans deep into the pores and gently.

Due to the pH value of 5-5, it is particularly suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.

Particularly mild detergent based on a natural amino acid.

Panthenol makes the skin noticeably smooth and supple.

Amino acids and vitamins maintain the skin’s hydrolipid balance.

The pH value of 5,5 promotes the natural protective acid layer against harmful environmental influences and acts like a light deodorant against the development of body odour.

Active ingredients

(RS)-lactic acid, sodium salt Acid green 25 alpha-tocopherol acetate cetylstearyl alcohol quinoline yellow cocamidopropyl betaine disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate glycerol monostearate glycine inulin L-alanine lecithin leucine lysine magnesium L-aspartate sodium cocoylglutamate sodium N-lauroylsarcosinate palmitic acid panthenol perfume stearic acid sulisobenzone talc titanium dioxide wax , bleached water, purified wheat starch

Sebamed Seifenfreies Waschstück


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