Dontodent Zahnpasta Kräuter 125 ml


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Dontodent Toothpaste Herbs 125 ml

Protects against tooth decay* and tartar formation

Antibacterial with Zinc**

Removes plaque

With selected herbal extracts from nature

Contains sodium fluoride (1,450 ppm F-)

The Dontodent herbal toothpaste supports the strengthening of the gums with regular

cleaning and prevents tooth problems.

The selected herbal extracts from eucalyptus, chamomile, myrrh, sage and mint give the toothpaste a natural herbal taste.

For comprehensive oral hygiene – day after day.

*Contains sodium fluoride (1,450 ppm F-).

**The long-term antibacterial effect of zinc has been confirmed in clinical tests.

Recipe without microplastics and water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.

Product Features: Vegan


Dontodent Zahnpasta Kräuter 125 ml


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