Teekanne Früchtetee Schwedische Blaubeere (20 Beutel) 45 g


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Teapot fruit tea Swedish blueberry (20 bags) 45 g 

Product description

  • Fruity-sweet taste of blueberries and blackberries
  • For Swedish cosiness


The Swedish blueberry fruit tea teapot takes you into a world of fascinating landscapes and Scandinavian cosiness. Enjoy the fruity-sweet taste of blueberries and blackberries and go on a journey of the senses.


Exact product name:

Flavored fruit tea with blueberry and blackberry aroma Ingredients: Hibiscus, apples, rose hips, blueberry flavor, stevia leaves, blueberries, blackberry flavor, blackberries Please note the information on allergens.


Take 1 tea bag for one cup. Always pour boiling water over it and let it steep for at least 5-8 minutes. This is the only way to get safe food!


Contains no allergenic ingredients that require labeling



Storage instructions

Store dry and out of heat. 

Nutrient Amount per 100 ml
Calorific value 2 kcal / 8 kJ
Fat 0g
 Saturated fatty acids 0g
Carbohydrates 0.4g
Sugar 0g
Protein 0g
Salt equivalent 0g

Teekanne Früchtetee Schwedische Blaubeere (20 Beutel) 45 g


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