Lansinoh Thermo Perlen 3in1 2 St


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Lansinoh Thermo Beads 3in1 2 pcs 

Product description

The all-rounder for different needs while breastfeeding: The Lansinoh 3-in-1 ThermoPearls have a beneficial effect as a heat cushion, cool as a cold compress and stimulate breast pumps.

The perfectly shaped breast pads are filled with many small gel beads and adapt perfectly to any breast.

Suitable for almost all breast pumps.


Plastic Shell: PVC Chamber Filling (“Beads”): 99.9% Sodium Polyacrylate 0.05% Brilliant Blue (Food Coloring) 0.05% Amaranth (Food Coloring) Protective Shell: 100% Terylane (Polyester)

Instructions for use

The Lansinoh® 3-in-1 ThermoBeads: Perfectly shaped breast pillows, filled with many small gel beads that adapt perfectly to every breast. 3-in-1 ThermoBeads have 3 functions: 1. The warming application relaxes the breast and promotes milk flow. 2. When chilled, the pearl pillow relieves tension and pain and reduces swelling. 3. They fit any breast pump to warm up the milk ejection reflex, widen the milk ducts and relax the mother.

Storage Instructions

When heated, 3-in-1 ThermoBeads support the milk ejection reflex and facilitate the flow of milk. This can also help relax the breasts in engorgement and mastitis. Placed on the chest and cooled, the pearl pillows can help with swelling, engorgement and mastitis after breastfeeding or pumping. On the funnel of a breast pump, the heated pad can contribute to stimulating the milk ejection reflex

Scope of delivery

Contents: 2 pieces incl. protective fleece

Lansinoh Thermo Perlen 3in1, 2 St



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